Running Out Of Time

By Carl Wayne Jent

Could do nothing but sweat in the sweltering heat
no clothes to change into, no shoes for the feet
only building left standing was abandon train station
bad place to be living in, was a bad situation

Men had left to earn money when the storm came
ever since that horrible day, nothing was same
storm came at night, we all thought we would die
drank rain water, till the puddles went dry

All of us, just barely made it through with our life
cried for two days after finding preacher and wife
buried them in the mud, was best we could do
livestock is gone, no food, wondering what to do

Temperature climbed to a hundred and ten
too hot to go outside, miserable if we stay in
spirits are low, few have already lost temper
try to remain calm, it’s the middle of September

Saw grey clouds starting to form in the west
hear a rumbling sound, maybe thunder, my guess
I don’t know what could be better than rain
oh, my God, it’s our men on a freight train

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