Sea Of Change

By Douglas J. Olson

The clouds never break
Like blue waters do
On this Island of Pain.
How can I stand true?

The birds never sing
And the love never finds
This Island of Pain
Where the sun never shines.

The stars never gleam
And the moon never glows.
There’s never a dream,
And the river that flows

Is filled with my tears
That lead to the Bay
Of this Island of Pain
Where I’m destined to stay.

There, in the distance,
The fog starts to rise,
As I awaken
To warm, sunny skies.

No longer a captive
So long lost at sea,
This Island of Hope
Appears before me.

The Sea of Serenity
Waves at the shore.
Of this Island of Hope,
I just can’t ignore.

The birds always sing
And the love always finds
This Island of Hope
Where the sun always shines.

The stars always gleam
And the moon always glows.
There’s never a tear
And the soft wind that blows

Is filled with my dreams
That lead to the shore
Of this Island of Hope
Where I’ll live evermore.

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