By Ashley Olson

My heart bleeds
Yet I cant shed a tear
No matter what I’m going through
I feel the tears that are falling from my heart
My heart aches from the pain
The pain that I go through everyday
The pain an eighteen year old shouldnt have to feel
So much to say, but how do I say it
The stress has me pullin my hair out
I try and explain my pain
Yet know one is around to listen
So I scream and yell at myself
WHY? ?
Is my question to everything
Never do I have an answer
Why cant people just sit down and pay attention?
Now that I dont have anyone
I put my mask on
The mask that blocks off all emotion
So I cant feel the pain anymore
The pain that happens everyday
Now that the day ends
I sit in my chair and realize
I’m holding fist full of hair..

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