Secrets In The Soil

By Tracy Ahrens

there are secrets here
six feet under,
surrounded by roots and loam
drilling to disclose them.

granite paperweights anchor
manuals to mysteries,
diaries of despair,
treatises of terror,
publications of pleasure.

haute vessels slid into earthen notches
now halt worms and beetles.
drawn up abreast in a damp locker,
their inhabitants were summonsed to this silent social.

sealed treasures defy reality
adorned in fine clothing and jewels,
joined by loving gestures.

in light exists uniformity;
a stone, grass, soil is seen.

comparable, after parting,
we are one in the eyes of God.

white noise accompanies light;
within we seek muddled whispers.

in icy silence they salute
a rising sun no longer seen.

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