Security Guard

By J.A Overton

You can’t have a security company without having security guards
For it’s those dedicated men and women who are the company’s heart
How many vice presidents do you need who only sit in meetings?
How many receptionists are required to answer the phones and give?
How is it that the secretaries get a paid vacation every year?
However, the security officers only get the blood, the sweat and the tears
Diva ism, nepotism, and favoritism are the current trends
it’s not about how well you do your job but who are your friends
Bump schedules, no sick days and no paid lunch hours
It’s time for us to unite and start exercising our power
We need to come together in cohesiveness
and show them that we won’t settle for anything less
To be treated with respect, to be treated like human beings
For the company to show some empathy and not the disdain we keep seeing
we’re not asking for a lot, we just want our fair share
for you can’t have a security company without the security guards being

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