By Tiffany Hrach

The Dragon flies into the dusk on silver, painted wings,
And though she rides the sky alone, she has learned many things.
She knows the sea runs to the sand, and where the moon takes rest.
She greets the noble unicorns, and flies where phoenix nest.
Her eyes seek treasures of the mind, not any mundane thought.
She knows of all the Dwarven smiths and what their skills have wrought.
Her silvered scales have seen the rule of mighty kings gone by,
And when the cause of good was lost, she would often cry.
She felt the pain of mother’s loss as her children died to fight,
all the foes of dragon kind that killed to show their might.
In my heart, this dragon flies, and keeps my heart and mind.
She taught me how to love, and learn, and made my path defined.
She led me down the darkest trail, so I could face my fear,
And though I feel her weakening, I know that she is near.
And before she spreads her wings to fly forever to be free,
I will fly just one more time, for I know that SHE is ME.

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