Spark Of Euphoria

By Big Poet

The gentle whispers of i love you still linger and cling to my heart, they create the flow of euphoria that travels through my veigns and ignite the spark of lust and desire.
The darkness that filled my heart with sorrow and cast a lingering shadow is finally being eradicated by that spark, her words are like velvet gently running across my skin giving me goosebumps and the spark ignites a raging fire.

The fire of passion is now raging, each feeling creates another like a chain reaction. The moment i look into her beautiful eyes filled with the pain of both our pasts begins to make my heart bleed, but the look of admiration and love she has for me causes it not only to heal but my heart to grow and bloom like the most beautiful flower.
Gently we embrace and the feelings and reactions that proceeded this are now shared and detonate like a supernova, without a single word being said both of our pasts are understood in this moment and my heart can do nothing in this moment but devour.
My heart which was once closed off is now taking everything she has to give, her smile is so beautiful and radiant it brightens up the darkest days.
I feel like it’s meant to be even if she does seem too good to be true, her love and spirit seem visible to me like a glowing purple haze.
The only thing that matters to me in this moment is that these feelings never dissipate, i want them to go on forever and keep those dark parts of my past at bay.
It all started from the simple words of i love you. And so i make a promise to myself that i will hold onto her and love her each and every day.

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