St. Patrick's Day

By C. C. Hassler

It’s manny-an manny a year gone by.
From over the wather a hailing.
A sprig of a bye, wid a clear blue sky
I came to this country; a sailing.
My heart bate within wid a rollicking tune,
On my breast was the shamrock adorning.
When I first touched the ground, sure the bands all around
Played St. Patrick’s glad day in the morning.

Good luck to the ship that brought me across.
An’ here in God’s country was landed,
For never a time, without dollar or dime
Hove I found myself here empty-handed.
I’ve a snug little home that shelters us all.
Where no landlord’s face is a warning.
An’ I hail with delight when day follows night.
St. Patrick’s glad day in the morning.

My heart often wanders back to the old sod.
An’ the dear ones behind me a leaving -,
But while others above, I should This Land I love
Sure, it’s not to go back I’m a grieving.
I love the free air, in this blessed land where.
I can look back on royalty scorning,
An’ as the bands play I can welcome the day,
St. Patrick’s glad day in the morning.

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