The Castle Of Christian Endeavor

By Anonymous

The castle is built with a lordly design,
It is massive and stately and tall;
Its towers and battlements glitter and shine,
And fair is its compassing wall.
Firm-founded it rests on the ultimate rock,—
The church and the life of the Lord;
No tempest may shake it, no thunderbolt shock,
Uncouquered by cannon or sword.
Its turrets leap high with the purpose of prayer,
Its banner is jubilant ever;
Its casements are wide to the sweet, common air—
Our Castle of Christian Endeavor,
The pledge is a drawbridge we sturdily pass,
Portcullised with firmness and truth;
Ah, gay are the ballads of laddie and lass,
But dearer the darings of youth!
And all the great castle with work is alive,
With labor unselfishly kind;
How easy the task as together we strive,
One Master, one aim, and one mind!
Oh, radiant promise! oh, heartening sight!
Oh, hope to be nullified never!
For Christ is the hope, and the joy, and the light
Of our Castle of Christian Endeavor.