The Daughter Of The North Wind Sings In Soprano

By Susan Ashley

In riming realms of crystal contemplation –
frozen water-vapor meditations
and chilled flutes filled with zodiacal light musings
of ancient cosmic dust
dancing in the arms of Sol..

windswept operatic reveries
rise and fall
as her stirring soprano
tickled by the chanting of icicle chimes
gathers momentum
in strengthening sprays
of frosted musical notes drifting in broken chords…

she bestrides
a clouded steed colored mother-of-pearl
flowing with fury
within which beats a blustery heart
surging at jet stream speeds
she hearkens to hailstorm hooves
from the streamered skies of the merry dancers

they fly aloft
on arctic gales of lyrical laughter
igniting the imagination
of her freezing fire
burning now with a blistering whip
and a nipping frostbite
that sinks its tingling teeth deep

a supernatural stage
amplifying —
her aerated soprano soars
in polar vortex arias
as an avalanche of glazed trinkets;
descendants of her fertile femininity
in shivering sixfold symmetry
in fierce flights of fancy
as she cyclones on consecrated currents
with wild abandon
in twirling trills
of glass beaded squalls
swirling her iced eiderdown skirts aflare
baring tempest thighs
storming with a Siberian sting ~

and as her electric eyes sparkle
with luminous lightning
she buries you in a blizzard
of opalescent mistletoe berries
and wanton whims.

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