The Firefighters

By Anonymous

In the battle against the beastly fire…
They stay together, ready to fight!
To help all the victims of every accident,
committed to rescue, by day and by night.

These are the courageous Firefighters,
In their cities and towns of every land.
They stand together as really true friends,
Routinely they’re all working hand in hand.

Everyone of them looks after the other,
Their brotherhood knows no borders…!
They are ready to help in their unselfish way,
Without fear, they follow their orders!

Many of them gave their lives in New York,
On September the eleventh, two thousand and one…!
Firefighters everywhere will remember that day,
And their feelings of loss will never be gone.

Written by Hartmut Reinsch ©
(German-Canadian homeland poet)
Toronto, CANADA ~ Sept. 16th 2001

May we always remember their sacrifice,
in their quest to help and save the lives of innocent victims,
on that tragic day of Sept. 11. 2001 in New York City, USA.

~A word after…, from “ground zero!”~

What we are left with ,
surrounded by death and fear,
is our sense of loyalty and of duty…
which calls upon us
to place a shining beacon of hope in this world,
and to entrust the universal darkness
to the light of God.

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