The Formula

By Piercing Words

The world rotates and life moves forward,
I see a straight path but im spinning!
The confusion between me and them:
How we separated- the split and turns
The additions and multiplications;
Divisions equal to unknown formulas,
Those numbers ranging
from millions to trillions;
Zeros so many it seems like an army,
The Great Rebellions
fighting for answers
The whole irony behind counting
No strange devices; no calculators!
Just the human mind battling physics,
The complexity of symbols.

Alchemy and deep in the mysteries
Understudy of nature,
Initiated by the laws of cosmology;
Scientology and deep meditation,
A seer like a scientist slash mystic
Mixing Potions: a magician at night
Doing tricks, its voodoo to the people
who don’t understand what we do!

No warlocks and sorcerous
This is no fairytale:
just you understanding your will,
That fire; the motive behind your actions
Resulting in reactions,
Conducting formulas and work throughs
To comprehend the vast change of this reality,
My mind and my ideas!
Studying quantum physics:
Manipulating light to dark matter
Building and subtracting atoms,
Ranging from gas; liquid and solids

Earthiness, so im searching for metals
Conducting formulas and changing elements:
from melting to molding;
All for finding the philosophers stone,
The red rock: your heart
Allowing it to bloom like a rose,
Standing still so the energy
passes through the body!
Feeling harmony and perceiving peace
We beings of light crucified in matter,
Gravity as a hammer: Newton the lifter
Einstein as Jesus performing miracles,
Writing prophecies and conducting new formulas

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