The Last Unicorn

By Laura Greene

In a silent wood covered in snow
Where a harsh wind begins to blow
Like an emerald treasure chest this wood does bear
A beautiful unicorn with golden hair
The only thing nicer than her moonlit hide
Is the kindness of her heart inside

From her eyes blue crystals fall
She cries ‘where’s my kind? Where are they all? ‘
Silence answers ‘buried beneath earth and sand’
She is the last gentle thing in all the land
Now, on the darkest night of all years
She flees from the darkest of all she fears
Like Gabriel’s trumpet, comes the hounds’ dooming sound
The hunters know the last thing precious is found
The unicorn’s done nothing not pure and good
Yet they still want to destroy her with steel and wood
She runs so fast, that through clouds she starts flying
And bellow she sees red splatter and a child dying
Sweet thing, down so gracefully she does glide
On silver hooves she lands so gently by the child’s side
She lays her head on the young virgin’s lap
And on the wound, her golden horn oozes a healing sap

The ungrateful boy gives a wicked smile
And tearing through the wood comes his tamed panther so vile
Blackness rips her flesh with dreadful claws
Well done, selfish child, her horn is all yours
Greed won’t settle for gifts, it’ll exploit for all one’s worth
The boy must steal the horn, he can’t just have his life on this earth The boy smiles at the father who made his own son bait
For the trap that sealed the unicorn’s fate
Our fall, now caused the unicorn to fall
Victim of this new world, with only room for the cruel
Agony burns in her innocent eyes
Her tender nature led to her demise
Now the wicked will rejoice and the good will mourn
The death of the last unicorn.

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