The Store Poem

By Emanuelee Bean

I’m past the point of no return
Then I remember—my promise
In making me a customer to my service
That came with non-Negotiable terms
Targeted as a Non-Walmart policy
That I won’t nor can’t return myself
When I left the shelf
I started life
These priceless times are tagged on me
to remind myself
that I have to retail
Re-tell myself not to discount me

I am the manager
On call and general
The answer to how can I help you
Is always found on the
row with the mirrors

What’s new in store
Has always been In store
The inventory has been
Barcoded and account for
My worth is my offer
And that’s my only offer
Attention shoppers
We have a steal of deal
Here I am
On and in an isle

I am No longer waiting for intercoms
To announce my calling

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