Too Tired To Pray

By Anonymous

Too tired to pray! O Father, tired of toiling,
Tired of the heavy load, the blistering way,
Weary of all the monotone of moiling,
Tired out–too tired to pray.
Too sad to pray! undone, my God, with trouble,
The same dull heartache borne another day,
My life an empty field of worthless rubble,
And I–too sad to pray.
Too sinful–yes, for any further praying,
Too proud to hear, too wicked to obey,
Loathing the desert path, yet ever straying,
And gone too far to pray.
O Christ, pray for me! Weary, sad, in silence,
My impotence at Thy dear feet I lay.
Jesus, my final Help, my All-reliance.
Pray–for I cannot pray!

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