21+ Almighty Poems About Prayer: Calling On A Higher Power

Some people see prayer as a powerful way to communicate with a higher power. Others view it as a type of mediation, focusing their thoughts and improving their state of mind. 

For atheists or those who don’t believe in any sort of god, prayer can be seen as simply a way to connect with other people, talking to them on a deeper level than words can convey. 

No matter your beliefs, prayer is an interesting and thought-provoking topic. In this collection of poems, you’ll explore all aspects of prayer – from the heartfelt pleas for help to the simple act of talking to friends. Enjoy!

What Are The Best Poems About Prayer?


Prayer is a personal experience, and these poems reflect that. It’s a way to connect with our higher power, and it can be a source of comfort and strength. 

Some people might think that prayer is boring. But, I believe that prayer is one of the most exciting and powerful things we can do. 

Whether you pray every day or only when you need something special, we hope this collection has given you a new appreciation for the power of prayer. 

What is your favourite poem from this list? Let us know in the poetry community!

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