Waiting For The Bus

By Outspoken

Even though trouble may find you/ not seeing eye to eye with others/
Even if the turmoil ensues/
Hush now and don’t cry/
Days of mourning may increase/
The sun not shining even once/
Without you ever catching a break/
Hush now and don’t cry/

You only find yourself in trouble while others proceed and success/
Others spill blood for the love of their greed/ year by year comes from day by day/ you alone feeling stagnant watching time pass you on it’s way/ you try to keep a righteous mind but that gets your mind bent/ living your life in constant imprisonment/ money is never enough and you got a bunch of kids…. Hush now and don’t cry…
Listen to the spirit as it speaks and it says/
Your body and your mind getting weak everyday/
Every time you work but you feel you getting played/
Lost and confused, can’t seem to find your way/
No justice no peace, that’s all they seem to say/
No justice no peace, work yourself into your grave/
No justice no peace, that’s all they seem to say…

These are real hard times/
Step into the city and you feel the landmines/
Media taking control of your mind/
Government procedure getting way out of line/
Lick off a shot and get killed and he died/
Who listening pon your telephone line/
My paranoia getting way justified/
I smile will lingering tears in my eyes/

Makes me wanna pack my bags and get on my way/
I don’t want to go but I can’t stay/
Waiting for the bus it it seems so late/
Still I wait…still I wait/

It isn’t hard to get depressed flipping articles through the press/
Grotesque murders ad families left in wrecks/
Infants kidnapped and sold to the market/ and they pocketing the cash but is your soul profiting/ human body parts found in garbage cans/
When will we cease to put a price on the property of man/
Hospitals saving money instead of lives it seems like/ everything has been all capitalized/
Where money talks and everything comes after/
We got to stop this catastrophe/
How many really see the poverty in Africa besides the Aids problem/ starvation, slavery, wars and grave robbing/
Where guardians rape orphans/ rituals which need human organs are performed/ the ratio to schools and beer halls is more than one is to ten/ got the youths future faced behind prison walls and sin/ racial discrimination and social classes/ segregation within blacks through cultural clashing/ Africa losing innocent black skin through wars/ and brain drains to Europe and oppression is the cause of the flee/ cuz they know they ought to be free/ but get clutched in the jagged claws of the Europeans/ absorbed and misused, taken advantage of/ some resort to suicide cuz maybe they had enough/ tribal wars caused by tribal disputes/ and massacres you saw what that did to the Jews/ sometimes I get depressed when I’m switching on the news/ it’s all abortions, scandals and killings ensue/

I question the religion in politics and politics in religion/ what is a holy war? Define a righteous killing?/ hide it behind them doctrines, covering and concealing the passion of earthly greatness that’s drowning the world in sinning! Mothers innocent cries heard from the very beginning/ we deny responsibility whenever blame is given/ who funded for the weapons that massacred all the children?/ was it the hungry poor? Or the rich stacking millions?/ I’m spitting cuz oppression is a bitter cup that we sipping/ who is capable of counting the lives denied a living? The language barrier is what you blaming? Man face it…./ righteousness is an act that doesn’t need translation/ there is a universal God out there I have faith in/ who is going to sit as judge for the African lands raping/ sad ain’t it? Pictures of man laying in mass graves and no amount of money can fade them/ these walls have ears, I won’t moderate my speech/ my words will get digested in the belly of the beast/ causing it indigestion/ the world needs a blessing/ it’s in the bottom drawer… You need to get on your knees and get it! Get on your knees and get it, get on your knees and get it… Get on your knees and get it!

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