Welcome Home

By Louella C.Poole

I saw him coming up the street,
So spent and weary that his feet
Seemed like two heavy weights of lead;
Ah, he had known so hard a day,
Small wonder that he looked that way,
And slouched along with drooping head!

Then, suddenly, with frantic shout,
A little yellow dog rushed out
A yard, to greet the tired man;
He licked his hands, he kissed his face,
Then dashed ahead in eager race,
Then back again he gaily ran!

The tired worker laughed aloud,
Straightened his shoulders; through the crowd
Pressed on; his feet seemed to take wings
So fast he walked as he went up
The street toward home the yellow pup
All joyous leaps and caperings.

O little dog so fond and true,
Much good in life you surely do
When you can make a man so spent
Forget fatigue — make him so glad
He acts like any madcap lad,
And laughs aloud with merriment!

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