When LIFE Empties Out Your Pockets

By Julia Gatti

When life empties out your pockets, you appreciate the lint.
When the day is almost over, you treasure how it’s spent.
When your hunger for the future, leaves you tasteless for the past,
When you’ve carried all the burdens and laid them down at last.

You remember why you came here.
You remember what it meant.
You remember the soul you chose to be and why it had been sent.
You remember that your dreams are but whispers in your ear.
You remember that your visions best underneath a tear.

How can you waste the day or not glance up at the skies?
How can you watch a hawk that soars and not ask why he flies?
How can you take your last breath and not wish but for the next?
How can you toss away your spirit, when it’s what makes you best?

Find your wings and land upon a gentle cloud.
Find a song inside your head, and sing it right out loud.
Find a stranger on the street and listen to his word.
Find a prayer for all the earth and pray it so it’s heard.

Know that you are not alone, when you echo down the hall.
Know that you can make a difference, even if it’s small.
Know that you are someone’s sister, someone’s mother, someone’s friend.
Know that life fills up your pockets, when you look differently at the lint.

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