11+ Dreary Poems About Conversion Disorder: The Unseen Struggle

Most of the time these episodes pass within a week or two. Some may last longer than a year or recur repeatedly throughout someone’s life. 

Here is a collection of poems that discusses conversion symptoms of various kinds: seizures, sensory disturbances, dissociation, catatonia and more.

What Are The Best Poems About Conversion Disorder?


Conversion disorders are a brand new area of mental health research. These conditions aren’t anything you’ve probably ever heard of before. As of right now, there is no single cause for conversion disorders, but they have been linked to trauma, stress, and psychological problems. 

They tend to manifest as physical symptoms rather than emotional distress. Most people who suffer from conversion disorders do not know that what’s happening to them is actually abnormal.

That being said, there are many poems about conversion disorders out there if you’re interested in reading more about this topic. We hope you enjoyed this collection of poems about conversion disorders.

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