15+ Real Poems About HIV And Aids: A Symphony Of Strength

HIV and AIDS are often subjects that people would rather not discuss. However, ignoring these topics does nothing to help the millions of people living with the disease. By reading poems about HIV and AIDS, we can better understand the experience of those living with the virus. 

Reading more can help us to be more compassionate and supportive towards them. So, take some time to read through these poems about HIV and AIDS below. Each one offers a unique perspective on this crucial issue.


The poems in this anthology offer a new lens through which to look at HIV and AIDS. Written by poets from different backgrounds, they bring us into the minds of those living with the virus or who have lost loved ones. 

At the very least, these poems show that there is no single way for people on either side of this issue – both infected and uninfected alike – to see things. On occasion, we need reminding about how many ways there are to experience life’s tragedies and triumphs to understand them better when they happen again.

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