11+ Sassy Poems About The Colour Red: The Fire And The Roses

Red is such a fascinating colour. It’s passionate, fiery, and full of energy. In poems, it can convey all sorts of different emotions and ideas. This week, we’ll be looking at some poems that explore the colour red. 

Whether it’s depicting love and passion, or anger and violence, these poems show the power that red can have. So if you’re interested in reading about some fantastic works that are inspired by this dynamic hue, then keep on scrolling!

What Are The Best Poems About The Colour Red?


Red is a powerful colour that can evoke strong emotions. These poems explore the different ways red can be interpreted. 

Whether you see red as a symbol of love, danger, or anger, it’s clear that this bold hue has a lot to offer. Which of these poems speaks to you the most?

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