5+ Gloomy Poems About Adjustment Disorders: Life's Transitions

Looking for a way to express your adjustment disorder struggles? Check out these poems about adjustment disorders! They will help you understand and cope with your symptoms. Plus, they’re lovely and might even make you feel better. 

Adjustment disorders can be a difficult and isolating experience, expecially when dealing with stressors such as a break-up, divorce or car accident. 

These poems offer an insight into the thoughts and emotions of those living with an adjustment disorder. They might just help you feel less alone.


Adjustment disorders can be complicated to cope with, but the poems we’ve featured provide hope and understanding. If you struggle with adjustment disorder, know that you are not alone. 

There is help available, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Share these poems with someone you love who is also struggling, or keep them for yourself as a source of strength when things feel tough. 

Is there a poem that resonated with you on this list? Let us know in the poetry community. We would love to hear your thoughts about these pieces.

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