15+ Interesting Poems About Personality Disorders: Words Of Understanding

What is it like to live with a personality disorder? Many have asked this question, but the answer is still unknown to most. This week’s collection is dedicated to poems about personality disorders to help shed some light on the matter. 

Each poem paints a unique picture of what it might be like living with a personality disorder. Whether you live with a personality disorder or know someone who does, we hope you find these poems insightful and informative.

What Are The Best Poems About Personality Disorders?


The poems we’ve shared today offer a unique and powerful perspective on the experience of living with a personality disorder. We hope you’ve found one or more that resonates with you, whether you have a personality disorder or know someone who does. 

If you feel so moved, please share these poems to help break the stigma around mental illness. And finally, if there’s a poem about personality disorders that we missed, please let us know in the community – we would love to add it to our list!

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