A Poem To Borderline

By Amy Louise Kerswell

Borderline Personality Disorder
You are my biggest enemy and you are a curse.
You drain my energy.
And you take my feelings.
You make me so numb.
Some days I wonder just who I am.

Borderline personality.
I hate you more than you no.
You entered my life
And you turned my world upside down.
My life is like my prison now.

Why do you make me so sad.
You give me mood swings
I flip from one to the next.

Borderline Borderline
You’ve made my world so lonely
You made a Razor my friend
But they you made pills and suicide my very best friend.
Your like a parasite, feeding on my weakness.

Borderline why did you come into my world?
Life as I once knew it has changed forever.
Borderline you’ve made my world a lonely place.

But most of all borderline you’ve given me fear.
I can’t trust people Borderline.
All I have is you.
And Borderline
I no you’ll never stop till I am dead
Borderline one day you will be the end of me.

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