Multiple Personality Disorder

By Richard Ilnicki

When the mysterious’They’ finally do decide
to administer the necessary tests,
questions as quizzes
designed to trip me up,
or better yet to expose me,
they come away bewitched, bothered and bewildered.
My answers don’t add-up
to that which is considered normal.
It appears I am on the cusp
balanced precariously between in and out.

I have given two sets of completely different answers
to the very same questions,
and since I am not bi-polar
they assume I must be suffering
from a multiple personality disorder.

Based on my horoscope
and the current alignment of the planets
they presume aquarius must be rising.

However, this still is not enough
to convince them of my true state of mind.
It is not until they discover
that I have been born again
that their findings become conclusive.
So they reluctantlyu release me
to safely go back to the streets
to go back
to being abnormal.

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