Inner Turmoil: 5+ Surprising Poems About Self-Harm

Self-harm is a problem that many people face, but it is often kept hidden from the public. These poems are an effort to bring light to the issue of self-harm and help those who struggle with it feel not so alone. 

Each poem is written by someone who has struggled with or is currently struggling with self-harm. Poetry can be a powerful tool for healing, and these poems hope to serve that purpose.

In this anthology, we’ll share a collection of poems about self-harm from talented poets around the internet. We hope that you’ll find something that resonates with you and that it helps you on your journey toward healing.


Poems about self-harm can be some of the most illuminating and helpful writing pieces around this dark subject. They can offer readers a way to understand their own experiences with self-harm and creatively explore their feelings. 

This list of poems about self-harm is by no means exhaustive. If you have a poem that has helped you through your struggles, please share it in the poetry community. We would love to add it to our collection.

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