By James Francis Nelson

Accountants are a funny bunch,

They never follow up a hunch,

Or take a chance.

Prefer the honest sweat and toil,

Labouring by midnight oil,

To reach a balance.

Add, multiply, divide, inscribe,

Scorn, reject the tendered bribe,

That is on offer.

Audit, verify, cast up the sum,

Show management how profits come,

And fill the coffer.

Dedicated men and bold,

Fairy tales will not be told,

Nor logic blind.

Integrity their strongest suit,

Take no interest in the loot,

Some others find.

Frustrated sometimes in the quest,

To find the system that is best,

For good control.

Will study, ache, exert, aspire,

Pressurise, coax, never tire,

And reach the goal.

Despised by some who strive and strain,

To demonstrate a mammoth brain,

But fail.

May falter or accept the gall,

Human beings each and all,

So frail.

Introverted, shy, loyal, kind,

Accountants must indeed be blind,

No perks.

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