By Robert Rittel

Without compassion there is no genius,
gracious sculptures without life of happiness.
Compassion comes with forgiveness,
enabling the grace of continuous.
When compassion enters the door,
rationality escapes between the floor.
Natural compassion regardless wonder,
gratitude and miracle wand to ponder.
Pale compassion lead to separation,
while glowing ones create love elevation.
The spirit of compassion has many shadows,
without ethics it leads to the gallows.
The spirit of feelings is lost in words of sentiment,
compassions beauty insentient.
Impulses are intoxicating inferior sensation,
compassioned deeds by choice become realization.
It the lovers heart that touches depth,
the godly soul that soars by concept.
Compassioned eye of the seer’s that penetrates,
the knower’s spirit by merit assimilates.
It is the twist of thought,
what is the curl of the beloved.

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