Dolphin Dance

By Mari Martin

In the sea of life he glides
graceful and caring
with a light of guidance.
Quiet is his song to those who are lost.

Guiding them, he glides
through waves of sadness
to a place of brightness.
Always aware of storms,
his voice in signal calls.
Safety and comfort he brings.

Within the sea so vast
I find the place he has shown others.
A place of hope where many may come,
no matter their sorrows.

The light of the sun beckons them
and in the sun the Dolphin swims.
His soundings bouncing from the depths.
A beacon to me.
And he tells me ‘swim through the waves’
I follow him into the endless blue.
To the depths we glide, dancing shadows.

He turns like silken thread in the winds.
Serging to the surface for air
he speaks to me, ‘breathe’.
I see the blue skies above me
just above the waters.
I break the surface to breathe.
The depths of the sea are mine to know,
for the Dolphin has shown me
and I am not afraid.

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