Ebola Fighting

By Amoafowaa

There is this deadly eater
Which eats through even sweating
A sneeze gives it sharper teeth
To chew the human from inside
Merging blood is its travelling aeroplane
Pleasurable kissing its smooth vehicle
We’re lucky the air begrudges it
Or it will wipe us all out

Lovers must be shunned
When they are caught
Because love can’t protect
It’s wicked claws
It laughs at hand sanitizers
Because it is stronger than weak bacteria
And waits on death to get more flesh

One cannot be too careful
It kills even hands with experience
So stay away from handshakes and hugs
And be wary of high fevers
Ebola is real
Don’t joke, don’t laugh
No drug is known to conquer
So stay alert and stay alive.

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