Endo Warrior's

By Anonymous

To the friends and family who stand beside us, wake us up from surgeries, hand us heat packs, hold our hair back, wash our faces, stay up with us through the night.
To the partners who love us through it, who cry with us, hold us when the pain gets too much, tell us it’s going to be okay and look at us like we are perfect in our darkest times
To the women suffering in silence, to the shame we feel and the heaviness of fear of failing.
To the pain that suffocates us, torments us, consumes our tiny bodies.
To the bodies who fight, that carry us from suffering to flourishing.
To our bodies who tell us when something is wrong, that praise us when we do something right.
To the doctors who turned us away with no answers,
To the doctors who listened and aided in our recovery.
To the women who fight for their day to day to be okay.
To the women who wake up in pain and go to work any way,
Who smile through it all, who love the world anyway.
To the women doing this for their future children,
To the heartache, heartbreak and suffering other parents have felt.
To the devastating realities, complications and dark days.
To the lively moments, the treasured care free and pain free minutes.
To the life force of femininity.
This is for you.

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