By Freeman E. Miller

Good night, my little love, good-night!
May angels keep
With fondest watch thy slumbers, till the light
Shall break thy sleep,
And morning with its wonders bright
Shall banish all thy cares with might.

Within this quickened life of mine,
I bear away
The loving looks and tender words of thine,
Which from this day
Within my soul shall ever shine
And make me better, more divine.

With love and trust and truth, my heart
Beats all for thee;
And though our lives may wander far apart,
Till death’s decree
Shall pierce my hopes with deadly dart,
Thou still my star of guidance art.

Good-night, dear one! As gladdest songs,
The sweetest dreams
Fill all my happy soul in joyous throngs,
And tender themes
Bring bliss for which my nature longs,
And slay the curse of ancient wrongs.

Good-night, my little love! In care
Of Heaven rest,
And may thy life no deeper sorrow share
Than love’s behest,
Beneath the smiles of raptures rare!
Good-night! God keep thee everywhere!

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