Her Snapping Turtle

By James McLain

In a stream of murky waters deep,
Where secrets and shadows forever creep,
Lives a creature fierce and ancient, bold,
A guardian of tales as yet untold.

Behold the snapping turtle, wise and strong,
Her ancient shell echoing a timeless song.
With eyes like amber, full of mystic gleam,
She reigns over a realm of forgotten dream.

A warrior clad in armor of darkest hue,
Her jaws await, a formidable view.
But beneath her tough exterior, you’ll find,
A heart of grace, gentle and kind.

She navigates the currents with graceful ease,
A creature of wisdom, silent as the breeze.
In tranquil shallows or depths unknown,
She finds solace, her kingdom, her own.

Through the ebb and flow of passing time,
Her presence endures, a sacred rhyme.
She teaches us patience, resilience, and might,
As she journeys through day and night.

So let us honor this creature so rare,
With a whispered homage, a quiet prayer.
For in her presence, we find strength anew,
Her snapping spirit, forever true.

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