Herpes And Cold Sores

By James McLain

In the corner of his or her lip’s,
A virus explodes for all to see, hidden down beneath.
How does it make you feel?
Not being told by he or she, that you will.
Under stress, I’ve heard it makes them grow.
At the corner of her mouth it tingles red and stings,
And in plain sight he does, what I have never done.
The embarrassement of being seen as one who has,
Succumbed to lust and wear that bage of hurt that never
Goes away.
And Knowing where your mouth has been, is not the way
To start each day, you know?
And there are those that lie and say, hey it’s just a cold sore
When it’s really herpes.
Lucky me I’ve kept it in my pants and my lips are clean,
And clear, it’s not worth me taking Chance’s with my health.
You know it’s gross and the deluded call them cold sores, when
In fact it’s really herpes.

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