By Gordon Whittaker

Along came the plane
It was not flying low
Waiting to release its lethal load.
On unsuspecting people below.
Five, four, three, two, one, Bomb gone.
It was a beautiful clear day, the sun shone.
Cameras clicked into action to record
This baptism of fire, utter destruction
Death and devastation,
To anything standing in its path.
This was the result of America’s wrath.

The crew witnessed the mushroom cloud
As it rose menacingly into the atmosphere
They were aghast at the magnitude of
The Atomic Bomb’s blast.
The pilot in a low voice said ……
“My god what have we done “.
With a startled look on his face
He headed the Enola Gay back to base.

More than thirty thousand innocents
Were incinerated from the face of the earth
Within seconds of the bombs impact
The walking wounded died where they fell
In this man-made Devils Hell
Men, women and children cried out for water
The water finally came, in the guise of black rain.
Adding more misery death and pain.

Let Hiroshima be a lesson to us all,
And let the country be damned that lets
Another Atom Bomb Fall.

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