Im Waiting For The Day When Cigarettes Taste Good Again

By Iain 'Ewok' Robinson

im waiting for the day when cigarettes taste good again…

when the snot’s not competing with the cough coz ye body has had enough
but ye brain feels the relief from strain is worth a tooth stain
when I was sticking with an addiction to a sickened condition coz
it only slightly suggested but didn’t signify the seriousness of my souls affliction

im waiting for the day when cigarettes taste good again

when a single drag signaled my first burning flag
my original act of anarchy
my way to say im bad
coz fear was nothing more then
getting busted by mom and catching a hiding from dad

when sunshine on skin wasn’t a sin depending on what skin you were in
fat or thin
when a cooldrink refreshed with that first cold sip
before a can became a convenient container for a guilt trip
when color meant crayon and rainbow
not race and ego
when the radio was playing music by artists they wanted me to hear
not hearing artists playing music they wanted me to buy

im waiting for the day when cigarettes taste good again

when a pen was a tool for a fool to scratch his head
when warmth was nothing more then a blanket and a bed
when we said cherry instead of blood when describing the color red

when poison was a cool thing
when poison was amusing
when poison was soothing
when poison was a new thing

im waiting for the day when cigarettes taste good again

when I loved my fellow man and believed he had some worth
before the day I began to pray for us to be crushed by an angry earth

when the bad guys wore masks to cover their faces and operated from underground caves
and the good guys were the leaders of the free and the brave
and not the other way around
when the gun that won was always in the hand of the hero
when the bomb was nothing more then the best of the best
not a murder weapon strapped to a teenagers chest

when suicide meant only one person died

when the monkeys and clowns you went to the circus to see
coz you didn’t have the option of watching Parliament TV
when I believed my rights were democratic
before I learned that they were demographic
when a virus was a chapter in my book on biology
before it evolved into the politics of a global catastrophe
before mothers died leaving children to survive
at least to the age of three
when a teddy bear was a prize or a Christmas present
not packaged as part of a child rape kit
when we had actors entertain us and politicians lead us
before actors became politicians coz they knew just how to be us
when we awarded celebrities for allowing us to see the beauty of fantasy
before awarding them for dramatizing another obvious calamity
when an inconvenient sized tragedy didn’t get a prize from the academy
im waiting for the day when cigarettes taste good again

if we can televise the last look in a mans eyes
seconds away from his demise
having been sentenced to be hung
then why the f*ck should I be ill at ease at the sight of a diseased lung?

when will cigarettes taste good again?

when a man reaching for his wallet to protest his innocence
receiving 41 bullets that silence his significance
is treated with the same global outrage
as the wailing voice of a womans lips receiving lashes from 40 whips
for her western ignorance born from western arrogance
on this day
we will celebrate the rebirth of innocence and once again enjoy
the great taste of cigarettes

when advertising has to fight graffiti for the priviledge of a public position
when we look at a keyboard and are bored of the keys
when paper is once again united with the pen
when pages are back in books with text black and white instead of the next image on a website
when globalization means a first and a third world cannot both exist
when the golden goose lays its last egg
when the dictator slips and snaps his neck
when the capitalist chokes on the final cheque

that’s when cigarette smoke will taste as good as it gets

and we wont mind that life is such a drag

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