By Nettie Squire Sutton

We may not realize a kind word spoken
May cheer some lonely heart that’s almost broken.
We go about our daily tasks without a care
Of burdens we might lighten here or there.
Our daily occupation seems to be
So all important that we fail to see
Kind words and deeds will far outlive the rest;
We say or do and that alone will make us truly blessed.
For on some future day we know not when,
Our daily work will cease to trouble us, and then
Like ripples on the waves they’ll reach the farther shore
And we will find them there when we cross o’er.
We little know the influence of a word
For good or bad that we some bosom stirred;
We pass them by, nor do we care to know
Those thoughtless words we spoke were but a blow
And rankled in the heart of some dear friend—
And some kind word to one with cares oppressed
May cheer their heart till they are blessed,
And in return we get some cheerful word from those who love us yet.
And when we have no kind friend to linger near
Some ray of sunshine as from clouds above
Will fill our hearts with peace, content and love.
O, speak the word of comfort now and here
Before the flowers are scattered o’er the bier.

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