My Own Special Angel

By Norma Henneke

As we walk to your classroom my heart swells with pride

for the children all run to you to walk by your side.

They hug you and greet you; they all seem to know

just how much you need them and love them all so!

You march down the big hall with your most grownup stride

and turn and wave bravely, “Bye, Mommy! Bye-bye!”

Such a big girl, my Misty! You give life your best

though sometimes even the smallest thing can be a big test;

like struggling to run just as fast as the others

or trying your best just to straighten your covers;

things like coloring, swinging or brushing your hair…….

Sometimes Mommy feels that it just isn’t fair!

Once late at night as I lay in my bed

I cried just to think what a little girl had said:

“Why’s Misty so dumb? Can’t she talk? Can’t she run?”

I said, “Please be nice to her, please don’t make fun.

See, God didn’t make her as perfect as you

And I think he would want you to help her, don’t you?”

She shook her head slowly and gave a small smile.

She had understood perfectly and that made it worthwhile!

Yes, sometimes it hurts and I don’t understand

How God could have done this as part of His Plan.

Yet each time I hold you or we kiss goodnight,

I know in my heart He did everything right!

You’re my own Special Angel, and how lucky I was

To be chosen by God to receive your sweet love.

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