Unhealthy Relationship

By Jade Hymora

You are the one I treasure
Yet the one who hurts me most
I guess it’s the wasy this cold world works
You’re the one who saw some good in me
Where others just saw what they hate

When I dissapoint you I’m hurt
When you criticize me I take it
When you won’t look at me I cry
When you’re hurt I feel it too

At night I cry out for relief
I know this relationship isn’t healthy
I know its destroying me yet I stay
I know you’re no good for me
But I’ve grown to need you so much

I ignore the harsh words you speak
Though inside it kills me
I ignore the slaps the punches and the kicks
Though physically it’s destroying me

I wish I’d know loving someone hurt this much
I wish I’d known it’d destroy me
I wish I’d known it hurt others as well
But theres no time to think about that now
As I lay in my coffin 6ft under

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