Voice Of The Silent Man

By Thobo Tomeletso

I row and I row with a silent voice … voice of a silent man

Thunderstorm! Storm! and Lightning!

Cutting thoroughly through throats of ruffled families

Families of a mother

Families of a father

Silent voice of the Man

Fathers are no more fathers but feathers

Yes feathers to wipe the dust, dust due to unemployment

Unemployment is no empowerment so don’t undermine

A poor man who is to be a man to maintain a mandate to be a man

Voice of a silent man

From Human to Human and humiliation

Dishonesty Disorder to Destruction

Destruction to Deformation

Voice of the silent man

Make her not a punching bag Rather buy yourself a punching bag

No Woman No Human No Child is your punching bag

Gender equality is not gender inequality

Listen! The Silent Voice of a Baby crying

Babies are not substitute for baby mamas

React! Respond! Respect! Retrospect! And Be Responsible,

Yes, I’m talking Remedy to Rectify and End Gender Based Violence

Gender inequality is no base of comfort

The Time Is Now …… Now is the Time

Voice of a Silent man! Yes! Voice of a Silent Man

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