Free - A Poem About Emotional Abuse (Pt.I)

By Emma Aindow

Bloody knuckles and broken glass
One permanent tear stained face
An abandoned heart
The unspoken truth becomes the wonder of the acquaintances in her life
She was not the first
And she will not be the last
A skilled game only the wicked know how to play
He held the rule book in his hands
At his own disposal, to construct his own damage.
As time passed she became unrecognisable
“If he fell in love with the person he met, then why is he trying to change you? “
Silent screams echoed into everyone she met
“Help” etched upon her forehead
Confined in a prison
Doing a sentence in the name of love
But how do you escape when you’ve given him a thousand chances before?
Because darling, the first time was one too many
“Please understand, no one has the authority to treat you this way”

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