Spontenaity Entropy And Free Energy

By Tara

Delta S, Delta H, and Delta G
Are you a fan of abbreviating?
Well, lucky for you there’s thermochemistry!
There’s delta S, delta H, and delta G
All interrelated, but not the same thing

Delta H is the change in enthalpy
The sign will tell you if you’re losing heat
Delta S is the change in entropy
Where the bigger a space and the more energy
Gives a positive sign for a reaction complete
Delta G is the change in Gibb’s Free Energy
it’s how much useful work in a system is free
It also is the most heavily
Reliant on temperature of all the three

At any point S can be found directly
But only the change is found for H and G
There’s a million equations relating the three
But don’t worry! They’re all found on our constant sheet

So if there’s one thing worth memorizing
It’s the difference between delta S, H, and G

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