Yes, I Bleed

By Guneet Kaur

Unbearable cramps, uncontrollable bloat but still
I feel happy,
Because I bleed for glee,
I bleed to create the world.
It is natural; it is a gift of God,
It is a power, it is a pride,
And every day I fight.
Yes, I fight to live up to my dream,
Even if the pain has made me scream.

Every month I become a paranoid mess,
Asking my nearest one to check the back of my dress.
And you call it gross?
Let me remind you, you also started your life covered in your mother’s blood.
You may never understand what it feels like to bleed,
Despite this entire curse, I always hold my head up high and I succeed.

I feel no shame for generating life-giving blood out of my body,
Just like men push s[e]men out of their bodies.
So stop calling me impure!
Stop calling me ungraceful when I talk about my period in public,
A woman’s body is seen as beautiful when it is for your pleasure,
But nature is seen as ugly.
It is too real to accept, this is how I am biologically!

I will no longer hide that I am in pain,
I will no longer be silent about my stain.
I bleed to make humankind a possibility,
I feel proud that it is a woman’s most powerful ability.
I bleed…
I bleed…
Yes, I bleed!

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