11+ Dismal Poems About Bulimia: Finding Freedom

Bingeing and purging. It’s a never-ending cycle that takes over your life. You try to break free, but you can’t. The thoughts are always there, haunting you, telling you that you’re not good enough. That you need to lose weight. That you’re not skinny enough. And so the cycle continues…

These poems are about bulimia. They’re about the struggles and the battles that we face every day. They’re about the pain and the heartache that comes with this disease. But they’re also about hope and recovery. 

Because it is possible to break free from bulimia, you can find happiness again. You can be healthy and strong and happy. These poems are proof of that.”

What Are The Best Poems About Bulimia?


 Bulimia is an often misunderstood and hidden condition. These poems offer a glimpse into the personal experience of bulimia from the perspective of both the sufferer and those who love them.

Is there a poem on this list that spoke to your heart? If you have loved someone who has bulimia, these poems may offer some understanding and compassion. There is help available, and recovery is possible. Let us have a chat in the poetry community.

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