Catch A Leprechaun

By Teresa M Walker

Do you want to find a leprechaun?

I’ll show you where to go,

Kick up your heels, turn twice around,

And fall amongst the cloves.

Be very still and hold your breath,

Then count from one to ten,

Close your eyes, don’t be surprised,

When you finally open them.

You’ll see the Town of Shamrock,

It’s full of little elves,

Dancing jigs, singing merrily,

To make a heart just melt.

Little men all dressed in forest green,

Cobblers work on boots and shoes,

Hide their treasure gathered from lots of work,

That they never like to lose!

It’s hard to catch a Leprechaun,

Because they know all kinds of tricks,

Don’t ever try to fool them,

These little men are very quick.

Leprechauns like making Irish brew,

To drink on St. Patrick’s Day,

Hoping that anxious fellow man,

Will fall asleep amongst the hay.

So if you catch a Leprechaun,

It’s a chance at a pot of gold,

Be very careful and watch the clover,

The stories tell, these men are bold!

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