Child Abuse

By Pastordavidrn 

When they look back from decades hence
To analyze our present state,
It matters not what strong defense
Abortionists maintain to date:
The tears of years will be too late
To halt the bitter recompense.

When they review our child abuse,
Which modern social wisdom brought,
No present selfish “rights” excuse
Will hide the crimes in which we’re caught
Or change the course Ms. Sanger sought
Or what “Banned Parenthood” set loose.

When they condemn our modern schools
From future hindsight’s sanity,
They will accuse our teacher-fools
Who taught against humanity
And deified our vanity
While smashing older inborn rules.

When they denounce our courts of law
And blast today’s pro-choice reply,
By then, with wounds so deep and raw
And “family” love about to die,
Retired Justices will cry
At what a few of us foresaw.

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