Nothing Like A Family Road Trip

By Jamie Lee Hamann

Nothing like a family road trip.

My children start out with a back flip

to focus energy

a parents final plea

before our patience begins to slip.

So when Dad begins loading our gear

the children run in circles and cheer

let’s get out of town

and replace our frown

with a chance for our minds to be clear.

The first hour in car we just rest

as we slowly move away from nest

driving off to see world

Road Atlas is unfurled

as we drive to the horizon’s crest.

In new towns we make stops as we go

sometimes catching a museum show

to see how they live

with a dollar to give

but mostly Dad needs his cup of Joe.

First half of journey is a dream

as we work together as a team

passing around car snacks

hidden in our backpacks

running at rest stops to work of steam.

Then the ride takes a turn for the worse

when the driver has begun to curse,

out comes every complaint,

not one child is a saint,

praying for the quiet of a hearse.

The oldest has decided to play

how long can loud annoying sounds stay

the middle is poking

our youngest whose crying

when sun comes through most of the day.

We are happy to be back home

we will wait till next summer to roam

it seems one trip a year

will have to do I fear

a family vacation syndrome.

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