Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

By Edward George Dyson

I see thee still in doublet wide,
And hose well kept, a world too slack,
So long and lean thou wert allied,
It struck me, with that curious back,
The Zoo giraffe. Thy brow was black,
Thy speech was awkward, action slow.
I whispered at thy first attack:
-And wherefore art thou Romeo?â?

Thou wert then fifty and cross-eyed;
For acting never hadst the knack.
With stilted bow and Irving stride
Thou tookst the stage, and Jill and Jack
Both sniggered, when with damned clack
Thou talkedst of moons, and wrecked the show.
And here by Heaven, thou art back.
Oh, wherefore art thou Romeo?

This fellow was a lad of pride,
No prinked-out fool, with just a snack
Of bounder, and by Fate allied
To pale effeminates who smack
The rouge about. Thou art a quack!
Thy treatment brings the lover low.
Thou-rt living still our hearts to crack;
Oh, wherefore art thou Romeo?

No egotism dost thou lack,
Great scorn hast for the rival pro.,
And talk-st thou of thy art. Alack!
And wherefore art, thou Romeo?

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