Window Art Poem

By Jim Yerman

I love to visit art museums…to see how the artist has found a way to capture what they see onto a canvas…my favorites are Van Gogh and Monet.

But when I can’t get to an art museum…not one tear do I shed….no, when I can’t get to an art museum…I look out my window instead.

For when I look out my window…nature’s art is what I see…I love the vibrant colors she uses to paint her birds, her flowers…her trees.

Most days the art outside my window makes me gasp…and often makes me sigh as I marvel at the intricacies of her brushstrokes…the way she paints the clouds…the rainbow colors of her sky.

And it never ceases to amaze me as I stare open-mouthed with my hands against my window pane…at how elegantly she paints the sunshine…and how delicately she paints the rain.

I once lamented having poor eyesight…being born with eyes that blur everything I view….eyes that do not see the world the way that other people do…

But without my glasses…looking out my window at the beginning of the day…I see an impression of the sunrise as painted by Monet.

And with my glasses off in the evening….at my window after turning off my light when I look up at the sky…I see Van Gogh’s starry night.

(Now I celebrate my blurry vision….because, in my heart, I know
It’s the reason I love the sunrises painted by Monet and the starry nights of Van Gogh.)

So when I can’t visit an art museum…I never grumble…never grouse…I simply make it a point to visit every window in my house.

Where I am blessed with a masterpiece painted by nature inside every window frame…
where thanks to the artistry of two paintings will ever be the same.

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